Learn: Make More, Spend Less or Both

Money is finite.

If you would like to have more money each month, your options are to make more, spend less, or a combination of both. Assessing if you have the time, capacity and drive for change is a first step. Below are a few ideas of ways to begin the process.

Increase Income Spend Less
Identify your skills Access support services at Neighbors
Learn something new Shop at the Clothes Closet Thrift Store
Apply for a different job and see what your skills are worth Eat at home more
Get a second job to meet a goal Shop less
Join the gig economy Compare insurance
Apply for public benefits Cancel subscriptions
Claim tax benefits Eliminate debt
Adjust your tax with holdings Find fun and free activities
Use tuition reimbursement from work

Financial counselors at Neighbors are here to help you get started with making ends meet. Click below to meet our team or visit the Financial Empowerment Center.