Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign

February 26 – April 6

Get ready for a different kind of food fight!

Join us in collecting as much food and funds as we can during March. Neighbors has entered into a friendly state-wide food drive competition during March for the annual Minnesota FoodShare Campaign. You’ll not only be helping to stock our shelves for the busy times of need, but you’ll also be helping us secure funding distributed later in the year. This means any donation now goes even further! Will you help us feed our neighbors?

Get involved:

Need supplies?

Call 651-306-2149 or email Cody at cody@neighborsmn.org for any of the following:

  • Collection containers
  • Printed posters
  • Brochures
  • Logo
  • Host a speaker from Neighbors at an upcoming meeting or event

Digital downloads and resources:

Neighbors is so grateful for the support of our community and hope you’ll join us in this important fight against hunger.

For more information about GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, click here.