volunteer recognitionDo you know someone who has dedicated their volunteer time at Neighbors and that should be recognized? The Volunteer Programs team has come up with new ways to recognize our volunteers. Please participate and nominate your fellow volunteers! We’d like to offer you the chance to express the same gratitude we feel every day when for our volunteers. Help us appreciate those that serve at Neighbors!


How can you participate: Located at Neighbors, Inc. there are 3 ballot boxes with nomination forms. One is in the Clothes Closet by the window, one is in the food shelf by the Vologistic IPad, and the last one is at the front desk by Yudi. Please fill out a form found next to the ballot boxes. It is very simple and easy to do. Not at Neighbors anytime soon? You can also complete the nomination form over the phone or through e-mail by contacting Kazoua Yang at 651-272-1133 or kazoua@neighborsmn.org.