Drum roll please! Congratulations to John S. for your exceptional contributions to Neighbors, Inc. We want to thank you for everything that you do! Here are some things people had to say about you:

“John’s faithfulness, commitment and versatility amaze me. He is constantly searching for things he can do that will improve our ability to provide food to others. He comes in every Saturday morning to vacuum and mope the food shelf floors. He’s a carpenter, a janitor, a driver, a stock clerk; you name it, he does it; usually out of sight of most people.”

“Today John single-handedly unloaded our entire milk delivery as well as a lot of the grocery delivery.”

Also we had such a great turn out for the first month of volunteer recognition. I want to thank everyone that participated and I would also like to acknowledge these great individuals too.

Shirley W. & Theresa M.
“They always do great work but today they went above and beyond the call of duty!”

Linda F.
“She never stops moving, always helpful and upbeat! She is our go-to person when we have questions.”

Andres F.
“He was able to come in during the summer time to cut the grass. (: I was with him on the 4th of July and I was very impressed with his job!”

Carol M.
“She is a very dynamic person who shows compassion and care for everybody.”

Ramy M.
“[He] never stops moving and works like a one man band. His most spoken words are: I’ll do it; I got it. He is always friendly, too.”

Ruth B.
“[She has] many years of service; [She is] loyal; pleasant to be around; [and is a] lovely woman.”

Carole N.
“[She is] friendly, cooperative with other volunteers, [and] dedicated to volunteering.”