Neighbors Newest Program: Financial Empowerment

Through our emerging financial empowerment program, we help improve the wellbeing of community members seeking to gain control of their finances. Participants work alongside our counselors to set goals, learn ways to bounce back from financial shocks and build savings.  

For example, many people we serve experience stress and fear when facing higher heating cost with limited income. When bills are mounting many people feel overwhelmed and alone.  Our counselors provide support when it’s needed most. Supports include strategies to help people save and stretch their money and plug into available public assistance.  

Financial counseling goes beyond crisis resolution. Services include helping people achieve goals to move up and out of poverty.  For instance, many people lack access to safe and affordable financial products making it hard to save money. Our counselors educate and empower participants to choose banking products that work for them. Through a partnership with Prepare + Prosper clients can open a FAIR account during a session and start saving right away.  

Neighbors Financial Empowerment staff are here to respond to our neighbors in need. Appointments are available now. Appointments options include in-person, via telephone or online. If you or someone you care about are interested in learning more, please call 651-455-5000 to speak with one of our counselors or send us a note at: