Five Local Restaurants Compete for “Best Burger”

And the Proceeds Benefit Neighbors, Inc.

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As part of his *ahem* journalistic duties, Adam Carter with Town Square TV, took the Food Fight journey and tried all five burgers from the participating restaurants (in just one day!) Check out his experience here:

Although we’re not sure we would recommend repeating his feat and stuffing yourself with burgers in a single day, here are some more thoughts (and photos!) of others’ Food Fight journeys:

My husband and I took on the Food Fight and turned it into five dates (without kids!) It was a great way to experience local restaurants and it was a good excuse to plan and go on dates. We had a wonderful experience and discovered we have some really delicious local food! (Not to mention friendly and accommodating servers, too.)  – Heidi S.

Enjoying one of our burger dates on the 5-8 Grill & Tap's patio.

Enjoying one of our burger dates on the 5-8 Grill & Tap’s patio.


The Food Fight is great for everyone involved. It helps a good cause, but it’s also an incredible deal for five meals. It combines some of my favorite hobbies: Eating food, trying new things, saving the world, not spending lots of money, and picking favorites! What’s not to like? – Scott A.

Delicious burgers!

B52Burgers Delicious burgers!


It gave us an opportunity to support a great cause but also to try some local establishments that we would not have gone to otherwise. There is a nice variety of places to try – the ambiance and the crowd were different at each. We will be going back to the participating places to try something else. – Lynn F.

Biting into a burger at Jersey's.

Biting into a burger at Jersey’s.


What a great experience the Great Neighbors’ Food Fight has been for us! We feel as though we are on an old fashion scavenger hunt as we go from restaurant to restaurant looking for THE best hamburger in our community. Once again, Neighbors, Inc. has come up with an idea to raise funds to help those in need and, at the same time, unite us all with a sense of pride for our community. – Sue H.

Sue's "Long-Standing Community Favorite" burger at Cherokee Tavern.

Sue’s “Long-Standing Community Favorite” burger at Cherokee Tavern.


For more information about the first (and hopefully not last) Great Neighbors’ Food Fight, click here. Competition ends April 4th. Voting closes April 10th.

This story will be featured on Town Square TV’s news-magazine show INSIGHT 7 from Thursday, March 12 until April 9th on Town Square Television Community Channel 14.