Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned at the Food Shelf

written by Food Shelf Volunteers for former boss Rebecca’s last day

1. The Dented Can

Volunteers are like dented cans. We may have dents and folds in unusual places, but our expiration dates have not yet expired.

2. The Clam Juice

There is something unique in each of us. If you try hard enough, you will find something special inside every one-of-a-kind jar of clam juice person you meet.

3. The Canned Salmon

What do you do with something that is gray, slimy, unwanted and is piled in boxes that reach all the way to the ceiling? The lesson here is to think about creative distribution and “Never Say Never.” All things are possible!

4. The Preparation H

This one probably speaks for itself. The greatest talk of a strong leader is to deal with those sudden episodes of inflammation and irritability that pop up out of nowhere. A good leader knows how and where to apply that soothing ointment of kindness, patience, and wisdom.

Poem's Accompanying Gift

Poem’s Accompanying Gift