Dear Hunger Fighters,

With a mix of gratitude and a tinge of sadness, we would like to announce that our beloved Walk to End Hunger will no longer continue this holiday season. Ove the years, your unwavering support, dedication, and generosity have fueled our cause and enabled us to make a meaningful impact in the community. For this, we cannot thank you enough.

The decision to discontinue the event was not made lightly. We have thoroughly assessed the current landscape and the challenges that each of our organizations face. As times change, so do the strategies we employ to achieve our collective goal of ending hunger in our state. While this event has been an integral part of our journeys, we believe it is time to explore new avenues and adapt to better serve our mission.

Please know that your contributions to making November “No Hunger November” have not gong unnoticed. Through your generous donations, volunteer efforts and unyielding enthusiasm, we have been able to collectively raise over $3 million for local hunger relief through this event.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. We are excited about the future and remain deeply appreciative of your making us part of your Thanksgiving tradition. We will continue to explore innovative ways to advance our mission and fight hunger. We invite you to stay connected with us through our website, social media channels and future events.

Additional events and ways to support hunger relief at Neighbors:

Warmest regards,

The Walk to End Hunger Partners


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