Amy’s family has made the Walk to End Hunger an annual Thanksgiving tradition. They started eight years ago, when her youngest was just barely walking himself. Now it is something the kids look forward to every year. Amy said, “The day after Halloween this year my oldest asked when we were going to do the Walk.”

Here is why they keep coming back each year:

Amy and her sons

“To help hungry people,” – Daniel, age 12

“We walk for hunger,” – Sita, age 10

“For helping other people,” – Christian, age 9

“We do it to support our community, Neighbors, Inc. and those in need. We also do it because it gives us a chance to give back on Thanksgiving, a great way to start the holiday season. It is now a holiday tradition for our family.” – Amy

The only thing that would make this Thanksgiving tradition even better (according to Sita) is if they could bring their bicycles and ride them inside the Mall of America!