Virginia has been an avid volunteer at Neighbors since 2012 when she responded to the agency’s plea for volunteers in a community newspaper. She considers it a privilege to be among the first volunteers to work at the agency’s Grand Avenue building in South Saint Paul. Previously, the agency was housed at another location. Neighbors is also a convenient place for her to travel to from her Mendota Heights home.

Virginia works two shifts consistently, weekly. Her main tasks are receiving clothing/merchandise donations from donors, sorting donations, putting tags on clothes to be purchased, along with putting clothes on the store racks.

Serving as a volunteer is enjoyable since her fellow volunteers, agency staff, and customers are friendly. Virginia likes the volunteers who she works with, and is thankful for the ongoing connections that she has with them. She values the time that she spends volunteering.

Virginia seeks to help others while volunteering. When a co-volunteer needs assistance, she offers her support, such as when a volunteer is unable to reach a higher rack.

Virginia sets quality standards when choosing which clothes should be sold at the Clothes Closet. She will not sell clothing that is stained, torn, or has worn fabric. Prior to volunteering at Neighbors, Virginia volunteered at Dress for Less for ten years.

Volunteerism has been a long range goal in her life since her son was in elementary school. Being an active volunteer also led to Virginia being hired as a teacher’s aide in the St. Paul School District. In addition, she attended Rasmussen Business School in earlier years.

Her husband, Albert, has been volunteering for one year at Neighbors’ Food Shelf. The retired couple have four adult children, grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Neighbors has many ways that you can serve the community and help your neighbors in need! For more information on how you can get involved, visit