Grocery Store Partners Offer Convenient Way to Donate to Neighbors, Inc.

Several of our grocery store partners sell pre-packaged donation bags to help the Neighbors food shelf. Bags typically cost between $5 – $15, depending on the items inside. Neighbors works with the grocery store partners to change the contents of the bags, depending on the current greatest needs in the food shelf. Buying a bag not only supports your neighbors in need through the food shelf, but also supports your local grocery store. Did we mention it is super convenient? Pre-packaged bags are typically near check-out locations and stores have donation bins to place them in. A team of Neighbors volunteers picks up the donation bags on a weekly basis and brings them to the food shelf where they are sorted and placed on our shelves for distribution. It’s a wonderful partnership all the way around! So, the next time you shop at Knowlan’s in South St. Paul, Oxendale’s in West St. Paul or Cub in Inver Grove Heights or West St. Paul, remember to pick up an extra bag for the food shelf! Thank you.