The Neighbors Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Mighty Consulting to provide Interim Leadership during the transition from Charlie to our next Executive Director.


Mighty Consulting has extensive experience in working with organizations in transition and will be supporting our Board, staff, and community to continue our important work during the transition.  Two staff members from Mighty will be assigned to us during our transition: Donna Dalton and Roger Meyer. Donna will be serving as our Interim Executive Director and Roger will be supporting the overall  transition and Executive Search. Mighty has worked with dozens of organizations as they navigate transitions, and together Donna and Roger will work as a team to support Neighbors. You can learn more at


As the Interim Executive Director, Donna brings extensive leadership and management experience from her time as the longtime Executive Director of the Mortenson Family Foundation and as the Director of Development Initiatives at The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation. Donna is a child of a single mother who grew up in poverty and utilizing governmental support and the generosity and care of others, including human service organizations comparable to Neighbors, Inc. Her identity shaped her values and drew her to a nonprofit profession where she has used her lived experiences to supplement her learned skills to be a better leader to benefit the community.


Donna started her role with Neighbors on Monday, February 13th. Please join us in welcoming Donna and Roger to Neighbors.