Moving? Don’t want to make space in your moving boxes with the food in your cupboard? You can donate it to a local food shelf through Move For Hunger. Recently, Neighbors, Inc. has been blessed to be the recipient of food donations from local moving companies who participate in the Move For Hunger program.

Move for Hunger

Started in 2009 on the East Coast, Move For Hunger was the brainchild of a family-owned moving company. After years and years of seeing food go to waste when they moved people, they decided to take action and create an alternative option to help distribute the food to those who could use it.

Kristy from Alexander's Mobility Services Dropping Off Food at Neighbors

Christy from Alexander’s Mobility Services is pictured dropping off their first donation of collected food at the Neighbors Food Shelf.

To find out more or to connect with a local moving company who donates their time for this program, visit: