The Incomparable and Amazing Scott Andrews manages Neighbors’ Food Shelf

Scott writes a monthly piece about the needs in the Food Shelf.  This month he told us about Eunice and clients and volunteers who are gluten intolerent.

This week’s Neighbor Spotlight is Eunice.  Eunice has some unique dietary needs.  She has Celiac disease, which means she cannot eat gluten—anything with wheat, barley, etc.  If you know anybody with this condition, you know that gluten seems to be in everything, so gluten free shopping can be expensive and difficult.  Eunice has come in several times before, so we remember her.  When we sort through food donations, we set aside the gluten free items to save them for people like Eunice (it’s not only her) who cannot use many of our other items.  Today when Eunice came in, I paired her with Bonnie, one of our volunteers who helps clients shop.  Bonnie also has Celiac disease, and it was neat to hear both of them going through the boxes of gluten free items and discussing which items they had tried before and liked, trading meal ideas, etc.

Thanks you all very much for your support, and for passing along this email to others who may be interested!

Thank you to those of you that have been kind enough to carefully donate foods to support those in need with special dietary restrictions.


Gluten Free Items and Cooking Supplies

Pancake Mix and Syrup