Jenny Sanford, AFC®

Most people have had the experience of moving through the holidays, wondering what the financial impact will be in January.  One way to avoid this feeling is to start with the end in mind. Decide what is most important and discard that which no longer serves you.  

Love food? Invite friends and family for a potluck and ask they bring their favorite dish. Maybe gifts exchanged are purchased from thrift stores or re-gifted items from your home. Spending time together doesn’t require spending money. Watch a favorite Christmas movie checked out from the library with hot cocoa or follow the limos to look at Christmas lights.  Consider the phrase “something you want, something you need, something to do and something to read,” to reign in overflowing Christmas Trees.  Many people find ways to serve their community by volunteering or deepen their faith through service to others.  

The most meaningful memories created during the holiday are often free. They are rarely about the gifts, but rather about time spent with loved ones. Create positive memories of the holidays by deciding what feelings and memories you want to hold close in January, then then put your efforts into tasks that honor that goal. 

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