Members of The Saint Paul Hotel’s Executive Committee have been buying gifts for children in need through the Neighbors Holiday Gift Program for over ten years. We recently sat down with Megan Voelke, Executive Assistant, and Leslie Ingiald, Director of Sales, to talk more about this meaningful tradition.  “It gets you into the holiday spirit. It’s easy and it’s fun to make a kid’s Christmas – who can say no?” Megan said. The hotel requests a total of nine children (from multiple families) enrolled in the Neighbors Holiday Gift Program to shop for during the holiday season. Each of the nine committee members is responsible for fulfilling the wish lists of one of the children the hotel adopts. That includes shopping for and organizing the gifts before returning them to Neighbors to distribute. Executive Committee members use their own time and resources to shop for the gifts. They say – “it’s our chance to give back.”

Primarily through generous supporters, the Neighbors Holiday Gift Program provides gifts for children and senior citizens in need. Last year, over to 750 families received new toys and gifts through this program. For more information, please visit: