Check out the report from our guest blogger Matt’s latest burger stop and don’t forget — March 20 is the last day to use those burger cards!

MississippiPubFor my next stop, I chose the Mississippi Pub, which is literally on the Old Miss itself in Inver Grove Heights, just across from the refinery. The restaurant had just been renovated to enclose the deck, providing a year-round view of the river with the lights and the smoke of the refinery reflecting on the water. Although it was quite cold outside on this particular evening, I could imagine this spot being a perfect place for a midsummer evening out.

My burger of choice tonight was the Anchor Shroom n’ Swiss, a mushroom and Swiss cheese burger with onion and gorgonzola on Texas toast. Since cheese is probably my favorite food group, this burger was a winner with me. The burger itself was perfectly prepared and delicious, expertly paired with two slices of buttery Texas toast. I washed down all of these wonderful flavors with an Insight Troll Way, keeping it local.

Our server, Rachel, was delightful, and we had a great evening on the river.

– Matt McLagan