Participating in the Great Neighbors’ Food Fight? Don’t forget that Sunday is the last day to get your burgers, and voting is open until April 1 at! Here’s the last installment from our guest blogger. Matt, thanks for taking the time to share your Food Fight experiences!

Jerseys-fullFor my fifth and final stop on what has been a fun and filling journey, I went to Jerseys with my dad, Clinton, and his wife, Jane. We saved this place for last so we could have the Burger of the Month, which in March is the Reuben Juicy. Wow, what a great burger! It’s stuffed with Swiss cheese and corned beef, and topped with more Swiss, sauerkraut and thousand island sauce on a pumpernickel bun. What I loved is you can put all this stuff on a burger that you wouldn’t think should go on a burger, and it tastes amazing.

Our server, Laura, was kind and attentive, bringing me my Nordeast at just the right moment.

Thanks for reading my blog and taking this journey with me. Be sure to vote for your favorite burger!

– Matt McLagan