If you haven’t had a chance to finish sampling all the great wings in this year’s Great Neighbors Food Fight, be sure to get them done by Friday, March 31. Then cast your vote here by April 7.


As this, a journey most fowl, comes nearer to its untimely conclusion, believe me when I say that there has been no loss in quality or enthusiasm. The Coop, my penultimate stop, is definitely worth your time. Only a brisk walk away from Neighbors, you’ll have plenty of time to stop and say hello before treating yourself to a delicious meal.

20170328_120117The Coop, a community staple since 1963, is the quaintest darn spot one could hope for in a restaurant of such merit and rich history. With only four tables, lots of smiles and a killer menu, you’ll feel like you stumbled upon a gem (and you would be right). It’s got the feel of a place a native of the town would recommend to you if you were to ask, “What’s a good place to eat around here?”

Friendly staff, great menu diversity and scrumptious eats are the highlights of this neighborhood favorite, and the wings are no exception. The Coop’s buffalo wings pulverize preconceived notions of the ceiling on chicken dishes: they’re a triple-threat of tender chicken goodness, succulent spices and enough kick to encourage a glass of milk.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our respective meals at The Coop and you should not be surprised to find me there again in the near future. Thank you to all those who made this meal a rousing success and a genuine pleasure in which to partake.


The Coop