A long-time supporter of Neighbors, Inc., a West St. Paul resident is putting her artistic talent to work for a good cause. In the Spring, Nancy Shepherd started re-purposing empty glass bottles with beautifully painted artwork on them for her friends, family and network in exchange for a donation to Neighbors.  “Sometimes I stay up until 1 am just painting and painting, and I love it!” she says.  Today, she has painted roughly 300 different kind of bottles with everything from pumpkins, to gnomes, to sports on them – all with lights inside! Everyone who receives one of Nancy’s painted bottles agree that it is a win-win as they get something beautiful and people in need get much needed help from Neighbors.

Nancy and her husband Greg have a system – she paints and collects the money, and he delivers it to Neighbors. Greg says that her favorite part about it is helping out Neighbors. What started as a simple artistic project has raised more than $5,000 (and counting) to support the emergency and essential service programs at Neighbors! Thank you, Nancy and Greg!