Our friends from the TC Burger Club are back to review another round of burgers for the Great Neighbors’ Food Fight competition and fundraiser. They sampled the remaining four burgers in this year’s competition and are happy to share their thoughts with you. Here is what they had to say about their experience at Cherokee Tavern:

American Bad A$$ Burger

Peanut butter, sriracha, smoked Gouda, bacon and lingonberry jam on a milk bun

Walking into Cherokee Tavern gives you the nostalgic feel of a supper club where you almost instinctively order a steak or prime rib without even thinking about it (both of which they appear to do very well), but as any veteran burger-lover learns, a restaurant known for red meat meant to be eaten with a knife and fork is also a great choice for ground beef in the handheld form. This theory certainly holds true at Cherokee, where the well seasoned and skillfully charred burgers are served on a perfectly toasted butter-kissed bun.

When the manager stopped by our table he mentioned it was their “spicy take on a pb&j,” but to our taste buds it was the perfect amount of spice and flavor. Not sure about a burger with peanut butter? Burger Club member Andrew offers this take: “Don’t be scared away by the peanut butter, it blends nicely with the other flavors.” In the end, we agreed they could have put anything on that burger and it would have been good!

And did we mention the meat is delicious? Seriously, we plan to bring the whole Burger Club to Cherokee soon to try their regular a$$ cheeseburger!