A small group of burger lovers from the TC Burger Club recently went on an adventure in Inver Grove Heights to sample four of the eight burgers in this year’s Great Neighbors’ Food Fight burger competition and charity fundraiser. Here is what they said about their third stop of the night:

Wisconsin Cheese Curd Burger

Burger topped with real Wisconsin cheese curds, bacon and our signature bacon aioli

This year’s Food Fight entry from the brilliant burger brains of B-52 was clearly inspired by our neighbors to the east, as it features real Wisconsin cheese curds sitting atop a wonderfully charred (and large!) burger, alongside thick strips of bacon and their signature bacon aioli. It’s as if they asked “Is it possible to have too many good things on a burger?” and then laughed hysterically.

The beef is cooked to perfection and the bun is beautifully grilled, and at one point while eating it, a member of our group wondered aloud if the bacon was “necessary” because he enjoyed the other items so much. (Side note: the answer to bacon is always yes.)

This is a burger to get when you have a big appetite or are prepared to bring home leftovers, although that’s the case with every burger at B-52s!