Round Two of the 2019 Neighbors Food Fight

Submitted by our anonymous VIP Food Fight Blogger

You will not find the highlighted Food Fight Burger on the menu at BLVD Bar + Grille. The chef has, instead, created a brand new burger offering exclusively for Food Fight participants. A most unique and creative preparation called the BLVD Bourbon Bacon Burger. Here is my description of it: a very good juicy lucy style burger (made from some really good beef) with gouda cheese inside, deep fried onion strips on top, lettuce and tomato and a unique restaurant-made “bacon bourbon jam” that is spread on top.

The burger was excellent, and the sandwich comes on a nice Brioche bun that works well with the burger. I asked for mine medium and was very pleased with how it was prepared. Every member of the wait staff that we encountered was intimately familiar with the Food Fight program and the management staff went to great lengths to make sure we were satisfied with the experience when we left.

One thing our group didn’t know was that Wednesday evenings at the BLVD are very busy.  Apparently there is a burger special on Wednesday evenings and it has quite a following. I arrived around 5:00 p.m. and it was already very busy. So if you enjoy a quieter, more relaxed meal, our suggestion would be to pick some time other than Wednesday evening for your Food Fight foray at the BLVD. If you like their highlighted burger, though, you may turn into one of their followers and join the crowd on Wednesday nights!