The 2019 Neighbors, Inc. Food Fight is on!

Some friends and I chose to begin our quest for the best burger in northern Dakota County by heading to B-52 Burgers and Brew in Inver Grove Heights. This restaurant has been a regular participant in the Food Fight each year.

At B-52s, the selected burger is their Hangover Burger. This rather amazing concoction is described on the menu as “Our very first flat top burger, a friend egg, smoked bacon, a slice of smoked cheddar, our tater tot fritter, another slice of smoked cheddar and our B-52 bacon infused butter.” That’s not just a burger, it’s a whole meal! I wasn’t sure about the idea of putting an egg on a cheese burger. I was a little afraid the combination of flavors wouldn’t work well together, or the egg might overpower the burger.

Not to worry. Everything worked very well together and the combination of flavors in this very large burger was outstanding. All of us at our table asked for our burger “medium” and we all agreed they were done to perfection. I had mine with a side of coleslaw and fries. The slaw was a creamy slaw which worked very well with the burger, and the fries, as always at B-52, were nearly perfect.

If there was anything at all to quibble about it would be that this most juicy fist-full of food left the bottom half of the bun a little on the soggy side. But our table agreed, it was a minor concern for a meal as good as this.

All in all, a great start to the Fight for my friends and myself. We are looking forward to our next outing.

Photo of the Hangover Burger from B-52 Burgers and Brew.

From our Anonymous Blogger: Some of us refer to the Food Fight as “Burger Wars” and I thought about calling myself, just for the purposes of blogging about it, the Burger King. But I decided that would probably get both me and Neighbors into trouble so I am refraining from doing so. Nevertheless, I have agreed to write blog posts about my experiences in each of the five restaurants that are participating in the event this year.