Local Church Gets Creative to Keep their Annual March Campaign Safe While Still Supporting Neighbors

Despite worshiping apart from each other this year, Luther Memorial Church in South St. Paul wanted to find a safe way to unite its members during their annual Minnesota FoodShare fundraiser because they are passionate about caring for their neighbors. “We are happy to be part of this event. We are all about supporting our neighbors in need,” said Pat Nelson, Church Representative for Neighbors. The church came up with an idea to sell pictures of grocery bags for a $10 donation. Each bag cutout sold will be taped on the wall in their narthex to showcase their progress. “The bags will represent the food we are raising to feed our neighbors! Neighbors will use this money to buy food from the food bank, where reduced pricing allows the money to go farther,” Nelson said. As a way to involve the younger generation of their church, some of the bags will be decorated by youth in their Sunday School, Confirmation and Luther’s Little Explorers child care programs. Their goal is 150 bags. Good luck reaching your goal, Luther Memorial Church and thank you for your support!

To find out more about getting involved in Minnesota FoodShare for Neighbors, click here or email Darcy at darcy@neighborsmn.org.