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Delbert’s Holiday Elves

Delbert the Duck has Holiday Elves



Duck elf checking on Christmas toys.

Duck elf checking on Christmas toys.

Of course we know of Santa’s elves

They watch so we behave ourselves

Now we’ve learned – we never knew –

That Delbert also has a crew

Of ducks who keep an eye on us

They never quack and never fuss.


They simply watch, then make a list.

We like these ducks, we get the gyst

Of why they’re here and what they’re after

We love their quack and join their laughter.

They even help us out with chores

They answer phones and open doors.


Checking on the food shelf.

Checking on the food shelf.

They wade through shelves of toys and balls

They check the food shelf just to see

That things are as they ought to be

These clever ducks don’t miss a trick

As volunteers they chose this shtick.

These ducks are sure they’ll only find

Neighbors who are good and kind.

People who just do their best

Not because there is a test

Folks who work for just one reason

Because they want to share the season


Duck elf reporting to Santa.

Duck elf reporting to Santa.


And so we thought we’d share these shots

Of Delbert’s ducks in special spots

Where Neighbors staff and volunteers

Are hard at work as Christmas nears.

With Delbert and his duckling crew

We send our yuletide love to you!


– Mary Treacy


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