The Great Neighbors’ Food Fight is underway and we’ve been hearing great things about the contenders battling for the “best burger” title!

This year, Neighbors is excited to welcome guest blogger Matt McLagan, who will be providing a post-meal report as he visits each of the five participating restaurants. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right?! Check out his first installment below:

Great Neighbors’ Food Fight – Cherokee Tavern

For a West St. Paul native who has recently moved back to the Twin Cities after living on the East and West coasts the past 21 years, the Food Fight is a perfect way for me to reconnect with my community. My first stop was a familiar one, as the Cherokee was one of my old hangouts back in the day (I even played for their softball team). Although the aesthetics have changed, the service and food remained top notch. Where else to do see the owner (Jim Casper) filling water glasses and chatting with the customers?

My choice tonight was the Eagan’s Firehouse #5 burger, which combined some of my favorite things: barbecue sauce, bacon, cheddar and a giant onion ring. The best part was none of these ingredients were the dominating flavor, as the juicy burger was still the star. The only disappointment came when there was no more. To cap off my return to my old stomping grounds, I washed it all down with a Grain Belt Premium pounder like the good Minnesota boy I still am.

Thanks to Jim Casper and our server, Katelyn, for a wonderful dining experience.

– Matt McLagan


Left: Digging into the Eagan’s Firehouse #5; right: Matt (left) with Cherokee Tavern server, Katelyn, and owner, Jim Casper.