2018 Food Fight Burger Blog: Bacon Mac and Cheeseburger

Travis is back with his second Food Fight restaurant experience. His most recent stop was at Mississippi Pub, and here’s what he had to say about their Bacon Mac and Cheeseburger:

Incredible! First time ever trying a burger with mac and cheese. When it was brought out, it was surrounded by a halo of cheesy mac that had fallen off the burger. I was able to enjoy some of the best ma and cheese I’ve ever had prior to even sinking my teeth in the burger. The creamy smoked Gouda just hands down works. Please try this burger; and Mississippi Pub, if you’re reading, please make this menu permanent.

There is still time to get your own Food Fight card and help determine which of the seven competing restaurants has the best burger around! For more information, click here. Proceeds benefit the emergency and supportive service programs at Neighbors.

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