We’re just over a week into the Great Neighbors’ Food Fight is underway and have been hearing great things about the contenders battling for the “best chicken wings” title!

This year, we’ve tapped our marketing and communications intern, Griffin, to provide post-meal reports on the six competitors. His first stop? The Mississippi Pub. Read on to learn all about his experience and don’t forget — there’s still time to get in on this year’s Food Fight! Just stop by the Neighbors’ office or click here to purchase your punch card. All proceeds from card sales benefit Neighbors, Inc.


My culinary journey begins just a hop, skip and a jump away from where I began my life journey in the humble hamlet of Rosemount. One very impressive stone’s throw away lies the cozy Mississippi Pub, nestled directly adjacent to everyone’s favorite elementary school spelling word: the Mississippi River.

As we walked in, I knew that we had stumbled upon a place where, in the style of a popular 80’s television show, everyone would know your name. Of course, I had never been there, so no one knew my name, but everyone was exceptionally friendly nonetheless.

The inside sports a variety of TVs, games, great food selection and plenty of beers on tap. It’s just the right size: not so small that everyone else is enjoying your conversation, and not so big that you have to pack granola bars for a trip to the restroom. The walls sport a bluish hue that is reminiscent of a pleasant summer’s eve enjoying a quiet meal over the dull roar of the river (will have to confirm later when water does not freeze in open air).

20170202_095512And the wings – the wings! Phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed my Cajun wings. As you sink your teeth into these beauties, the savory and salty flavors work effortlessly together to make your dinner a delight. As a former inhabitant of America’s Cajun area (Houston – so, kind of), I can confirm that the flavors and river scenery work in tandem to provide an exemplary dining experience. I would also be remiss if I didn’t throw in a shameless plug for my partner-in-crime for the meal, the local favorite: Summit Extra Pale Ale.

What a treat (no pun intended) it was to share my experience at the Mississippi Pub as a part of Neighbors’ Food Fight. Go check them out and stay tuned for more!

– Griffin Danes

Mississippi Pub - wings