Today marks the last day to use your 2017 Great Neighbors’ Food Fight punch card! We hope you enjoyed the great wings featured by the six participating restaurants — don’t forget to vote for your favorite by April 7. And now, we hope you’ll read on to learn more about Griffin’s final Food Fight stop!

In the eleventh hour of my chicken odyssey, I stumbled upon/drove intentionally to a gem on Concord Boulevard: Jersey’s Bar & Grill. Situated just a crisp jog’s-length away from Neighbors, I had heard many a tale about this neighborhood favorite from the folk of the town and decided to investigate.

IMG_1361As I entered this fine establishment, I was immediately charmed by the restaurant’s theme: this is a fun place to be. And it was. We shot a little pool, chirped with the regulars and topped the whole thing off with a meal that was worth a shout out.

In keeping with the tradition of all its predecessors, Jersey’s wings were true-to-form, lip-smackin’ good. A little salty, a little spicy and lot of tasty. Rounded out with a little bleu cheese action, I was satisfied to the point of rubbing my belly in public with a friendly smile like a cartoon dad who has clearly eaten a lot.

With the last wing demolished and the last spot on my Food Fight card punched, my journey comes to end. I am delighted to have to shared my good experiences with all of you, and all for a great cause.

Until next time!