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The day was Sunday, the mission: chicken. After recruiting a couple of friends to partake in the adventure, I hopped into my Chevy and fired down Highway 52 with aplomb.

20170220_130333A short jaunt from the intersection of Highway 52 and Upper 55th Street brings you to B-52 Burgers & Brew. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t let the name fool you: they also serve chicken wings.

B-52 is a genuinely fun place to hang out, with some type of event taking place nearly every day of the week. You can flex your intellectual superiority over peers with trivia, grab a beer with friends you haven’t met yet at the bar, or sit in silence together while enjoying one of the many large TV’s, to name a few. It has the boisterous energy of a neighborhood sports bar, a bevy of imaginative American cuisine, and the top-notch customer service to make you feel like you somehow, despite the reality of the situation, contributed to the success of your meal.

“Good choice, man,” our waiter said of my order.

“You know, he was right,” I thought shortly after demolishing the wings. “I did make a good choice.”

Everything at B-52 is great, including the wings. Sweet and savory flavors display great teamwork to bring you a uniquely flavorful experience in a chicken wing package. A quick bite elicits fond childhood memories of delicious sweet and sour chicken, but don’t take my word for it: go give them a try.

I offer my humble thanks to B-52 for housing our hungry group of young professionals and for making our experience so enjoyable.

– Griffin Danes