2016 Duck Races: Jeep Renegade Lease Details

  1. The grand prize winner will be required to supply a copy of their passport or Driver’s license to Neighbors, Inc. to confirm their identity and age.
  2. Jeep-cutoutFollowing receipt and verification of the details requested above, the Winner will be contacted in order to make arrangements for delivery of the Jeep Renegade. There is no cash option or substitutes for the Jeep Renegade one year lease.
  3. Neighbors, Inc. will pay all lease fees and taxes for one year from the date of the Duck Races (10/5/2017) to Fury Motors on behalf of the winner. The lease is for 12 Months, and all lease terms and conditions must be adhered to by the winner. The winner will then be effectively the lessee for the next 12 months. The car must then be returned to Fury Motors. The winner will have the option to buy the Jeep Renegade at the end of the one year paid lease.
  4. The winner must have proof of auto insurance.

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