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Volunteer FAQs2019-09-05T09:52:45-06:00

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

What times are available for me to volunteer?2018-07-30T20:33:20-06:00

Most of our volunteer opportunities are within our office hours (M-F, 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), with the exception of the Clothes Closet and some fundraising events.

Do I have to pass a background check to volunteer?2018-07-30T20:33:01-06:00

All individual volunteer positions at Neighbors require a background check and some charges prohibit an individual from volunteering. For Dial-a-Ride and Intake, the background check will be done utilizing Verified Volunteers. For remaining programs, the background check will be done utilizing the Minnesota Court System (MNCIS).

I am currently receiving services from Neighbors, Inc. Can I still volunteer?2018-07-30T20:32:55-06:00

Neighbors welcomes those who have utilized our services to volunteer with us. We require that a person wait at least six months from the time they last received services in any program before applying for a volunteer position.

How long are volunteer commitments?2018-07-30T20:32:27-06:00

We ask that ongoing volunteers serve at least one, 3-hour shift/week. Shorter shift times with more flexible scheduling can be found on the Self-Schedule Volunteers page.

Can my kid volunteer?2018-07-30T20:32:48-06:00

All volunteers ages 10-13 must have a parent/guardian with them at all times. Volunteers ages 14-17 may serve with a parent/guardian written permission. Neighbors does not have volunteer opportunities available for volunteers under the age of 10. This excludes participation in Parades and Come As You Are.

How will I be trained to volunteer?2018-07-30T20:33:40-06:00

All new volunteers will receive training and orientation upon their first shift. Orientation will be provided by a Volunteer Department staff, while training will be provided by the program’s supervisor.

Can I do my community service hours at Neighbors?2019-08-08T09:52:48-06:00

Neighbors does not have opportunities available for court-mandated or diversion program volunteers.

I can’t stand/sit for too long. Can I still volunteer at Neighbors?2018-07-30T20:34:15-06:00

Neighbors welcomes volunteers of all kinds. If you have a special accommodation, please let the Volunteer Department know ahead of time so we can try to meet it for a better volunteer experience.

If I don’t have the time to volunteer for Neighbors, are there another ways for me to help?2018-07-30T20:34:33-06:00

Yes. Feel free to visit the Donate or Events section of the website for more ways to support the local community.

The responses to these questions reflect policies last updated on 10/6/17 with the approval of the Volunteer Advisory Team, Neighbors’ President & CEO, Neighbors’ insurance representative and related staff. These decisions were made with compassion and discussed at length. If you have a question that is not answered by the above information, please submit it to volunteer@neighborsmn.org.